On Friday the Herald told of exclusively the story of a sensational elopement between a married gypsy and a young girl from their camp near the House of Providence William McCasqull is the name of the man and Madge Hazelwood the name of the girl At least that was the names that a Herald reporter obtained and the father of the girl said that McCasqull left a wife and children behind We found the runaway pair aboard a train in the city on Saturday and this is his story : Is your name William McCasqull asked the reporter, No came the reply but there was a tremor in his voice and his chin quivered Didn't you run away from a band of Gypsies in Syracuse with a young woman there Come outside I want to talk to you was the man;s reply. The reporter accompanied the man and in a few moments he admitted he was and the woman the people he was looking for , but his name was actually THOMAS STANLEY he wasn't married did not did he leave half a dozen children back at the camp , the young woman name was RUTH SMALL. Please sir he asked you won;t send us back, the reporter assured him that wasn't his intention to interfere with them and Stanley's delight was manifest to see. Come and see Ruth was his invitation and in a few seconds the reporter was shaking hands with the Gypsy Queen Tall slight and a straight as an arrow with piercing black eyes and a mass of jet black hair crowning a well shaped and finely posed head the Romany Queen was indeed a handsome woman there was a rollicking twinkle in her big black eyes as Tom explained to her in Romany tongue that it was not the intention of the reporter to send them back to the camp. Father would kill us both she said if we went back before his temper cooled, How about Tom;s wife and kids asked the reporter ?
They both laughed heartily at this I did have a wife 18yrs ago, but he hasn't got one now interrupted darked eye Ruth and no family either. How did you come to elope? Its the same old story laughed Ruth Then you love him ? Of Course I do you goose or I would not have run away from my mother &; father &; brothers &; sisters. How old are you Ruth ?I will be 24 next birthday, I was born in this country and I am an American and I know my rights and I will not go back to camp until I am ready. How did you James Lowery of No 215 Grand Avenue Syracuse promised to help us and kept his word, we got to Baldwinsville early yesterday morning and stopped at the Riverside hotel there until this morning, We are going to Watertown and there we will be married at the Harris ,tell our folks when you see them that we are going to Canada and will not be back for 2 or 3 weeks I don't want them chasing around the country he said he would do this via the newspaper.
Thomas Stanley parents were Irish Gypsies but he was born near Bridgeport Connecticut, he also left 2/3 horses in the camp that he owned JOSIAH SMALL was Ruth's father, he is pretty well off, Ruth said she had a younger sister CARRIE SMALL who was unmarried Ruth said she had a Lover and would not be surprised to hear she had also eloped. Stanley joined the group early in the spring in West Virginia. Pennsylvania Tyrone
South Butler - Jan 8th
On the farm of the late Abijiah Spoor, in the month of October a band of Gypsies halted there for a few days before going into winter quarters, their Leader was " JOSH SMALL" who is now an aged man had camped with his band in a period of 20 years on and off and was well known in the area.
One of their number was ill SOPHIA BELCHER a daughter of JOSH SMALL, they called a doctor to attend her and they were told it would be fatal to move her ,so they wintered there.
the band is large and represents a considerable wealth and Josh is considered well to do, a few years since he inherited $40.000 from relatives in England and many of their wagons are valued at £1,000 which the spend their nights and live in tents by day.It was sad but Sophia did not live and a funeral was given and her remains were taken to the family plot in Hornell where her brother was laid last spring.Her age was 40 and and she left beside her husband 5 children.
On their return from the funeral Belcher together with his children went to his former home in New Jersey before he joined the band. It was said to be the wish of JOSH to keep the children with him, but the father objected strongly.
In accordance with thier customs all he woman's belongings and her wagon were burned the night of her death and a pet dog which she had valued too.This band was held in high regard by locals as honest traders of horses.
1906:-Joshua Small known as "Uncle Josh"
When a Queen of the Gypsies dies he husband has her tent and all her belongings burnt-so it is said. Gypsy Joshua followed the old custom when his wife died near Rochester last fall, but old customs are dangerous, Gyspy Joshua too late found that the Queen had certificates of Deposit of the value of several thousand dollars hidden in her tent. It is only natural that Joshua should abandon gypsy customs for awhile and is going to bring action in the ordinary way for the recovery of the money.
JOSHUA SMALL or GYPSY JOSH " King of the Gypsies"
Has disappeared from the vicinity of Hornell where his family is located " Gyspy Josh" Small is allmost a millionaire and for years his band has travelled over the country in their luxious wagons Six weeks ago Small disappeared and his tribe cannot find him.
1891 Rochester New York:     GYPSY ENCAMPMENT
A Band of Wanders stopping near Genesee Valley Park:-
Encamped on the western bank of the upper river a short distance above Elmwood Avenue is a band of gypsies under the leadership of JOSH SMALL better known as GYPSY JOSH there are about 15 men and women in the band and they all have equipment of a small army with the exception of arms. During the day they occupy tents and at night sleep in their covered wagons, they have a number of good horses and appear prosperous in all ways, it is said BILL WELLS the best known Gypsy in the country will join with his band in a few days.The Gypsies have been in this encampment about 2 weeks.

Wagons fitted up most Sumptuous style- Women Tell fortunes
The popular idea that Gypsies are a Slovenly lazy class of people who wander about the country in old ram-shackle wagons will be knocked into smithereens if one takes the trouble to visit the camp established last week on the old Green-way place out James Street, In spite of the rain yesterday many people went through the camp and investigated the mode of the life pursued by these strange people , they are courteous to visitors and any questions asked are readily and truthfully answered.
The band of Gypsies camped at Green-way is composed of about 30 of the most “ High Toned” of the Gypsy class.
They make a regular circuit every year from Rochester to Boston and return thus stopping at every place twice a year, their business is to trade horses and they do this in an open honest way turning an honest dollar wherever possible. There are now at the camp about thirty-five horses including work horses driving horses and pacets. They are all first class well fed and look sleek, trading horses however is not the only way the Gypsies have to make money. The women of the camp tell fortunes of the visitors for a small sum and many could be seen yesterday looking into the book of fate.
The thing that impresses the visitor next upon looking around the camp is the character of the Gypsy wagons, They are of the best makes handsomely ornamented fitted up in the most sumptuous style and cost from $800 to $1.000 a piece.
The wagon is the Gypsy's home and he takes as much pains with its furnishing's as would anyone else. The beds and mattresses are all of the finest quality, lace curtains mirrors sachet bags bric-brac and all sorts of ornaments are to be seen by peeping into the huge wagons, of course they are covered and water proof open in front and behind, when it rains a waterproof covering closes the wagon completely.
There are about 30 people in camp of whom JOHN GUY and “ Uncle” JOSHUA SMALL are leading the spirits and what they say goes. The former is a young man who does not look like a gypsy “ Uncle Josh” however is of a dark brown hue and looks fro all the world like a true Romany, He is well along in years and can tell many a story of adventure.In spite of the fact that the gypsies camp together there is no partnership among them. Each family lives by itself, buys its own provisions and cooks its own food. It is the law of the camp that if one man is trying to make a horse trade no other member of the camp shall interfere or try to get his customer. If a man cannot make a deal however he will turn his customer over to some other member of the camp who will show him his stock of horses and endeavour to make a trade.
The Green-way grounds are rented by the gypsies, everything is conducted in an orderly manner and no drunken or boisterous conduct is allowed.If a wander gets into camp he he is immediately turned out. Saturday night a strange Gypsy turned up but he had to leave yesterday.
The horses wander around the camp and seldom does one get away, at night one man is delegated as picket he patrols the grounds keeps out intruders and looks after the horses.
The social life of the gypsy differs but little from ours, When a marriage takes place a clergyman is called in a license taken out and the knot is tied for better or worse, just the same as when the contacting parties live in houses.If one of the band is sick a physician is called in, If one of the band dies the body is shipped to the place the dead one called home, if he had one if not its taken care of by some relative.
When asked how long he would stay at Green-way John Guy replied “ As long as business is good”
10-04-1902 Pennsylvania Tyrone Daily Herald:-
Band of Gypsies cause disturbance and shoot a man at Port Matilda A band of Gypsies has been camped near Philipsburg for several days and on Wednesday evening 2 of their number became involved in a disturbance for which warrants were sworn out for them on the charge of assault and battery Soon after the gypsies proceeded to Port Matilda where they were camped there they were found yesterday morning by constable Ira Howse of Philipsburg who with the assistance of
several citizens placed the wanted men Daniel & Joshua Small under arrest .There upon the other Gypsies showed fight and with drawn revolvers set about rescue the 2 Small men, several shots were fired and the prisoners along with several other gypsies got away none of the constables were hurt but a stray bullet struck George Steele of Port Matilda in the right leg above the knee as he was standing on a porch some distance away from the scene of the battle Steel was taken to hospital.Immediately after the shooting the band of Gypsies broke camp and hurried out of Port Matilda by way of Tyrone, proceeding eastwards, Sherriff Cyrus Brungart of Centre County took chase and reached Tryrone with Constable Howe and a posse several hours after the band had passed through , here Captain AR Barr & Chief of police Harry Wands joined the party all armed with rifles They over took the Gypsies at a school house between union Furnace & Water street where another camp had been pitched.
Little resistance was shown to the officers who placed under arrest BELCHER SMALL MRS RUTH SMALL & MRS STANLEY all who had been concerned with the Port Matilda affair These were brought to Tryrone in the evening and placed in the lock-up to await the coming of the centre county sheriff to take them to Bellefonte. The Gypsies most wanted however had seperated from the band and were not caught, those were JOSHUA SMALL & DANIEL SMALL wanted for the assault in Philipsburg Henry Burton who is supposed to have fired the shot which wounded Henry Steele and John William a
Coloured Hostler. Late last night a message received here stated the men fitting the description were camped
on George Grazier Farm between Marengo & Huntington Furnace At 1 o'clock this morning Sheriff Brungart and 2 deputies started in pursuit of them, the officers returned about noon they found the horse left by the Gypsies on the Grazier Farm but the Gypsies themselves had fled and no trace of them could be found.