DRAPER Valentine
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Transported to America with Solomon Draper, 1740.
Recorded as a runaway in Maryland, USA, in 1742. Information reads: Runaway name: Valentine Draper. Master’s name: William Hooper. County and colony of residence: Queen Anne’s Maryland. Date of newspaper in which advertisement last appeared: 5/20/1742. Runaway’s ethnicity: English. Age: 40. How long before advertisement that runaway went: 11 days. Day of week of leaving: Sunday. Maximum reward offered: 2 Maryland pounds. Runaway’s height: 5’ 8”. [Source: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index and Farley Grubb's 'Runaway Servants, Convicts and Apprentices Advertised in the Pennsylvania Gazette 1728-1796’ (published 1992)]

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Grand-daughter of the Solomon Draper who was transported to Virginia in 1740. According to a modern-day descendant of Solomon in the USA, ‘after 14 years of servitude Solomon immediately purchased 300 acres of farmland suggesting that he may have married the daughter of his indenturer’. Grand-daughter Mary married a James Trotter and had 10 children: Henry J, William B., Maritia, Ann, Solomon, Mary M., Green, Cornelia, Elizabeth-Susan, and Thomas. They lived first in Tennessee and then moved to Arkansas where the Trotter family home is now a guest house.

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