1888 - 30th February

That creature around whom has been woven such exaggeration of romance- The Gypsy Queen- is but another creation of the imagination. Despite all assertion to the contrary despite the fact that an imposing funeral was accorded a Romany Woman- MATIDLA STANLEY at Dayton Ohio some years ago and supposed by outsiders to be Queen of the Gypsies, no American Gypsy acknowledges as such authority either titled or in reality.
The prevalent idea held by outsiders that any among them is entitled to Royal prerogative is a matter with them for ridicule and laughter.

Prominent among Romany characteristics is the desire to mislead those not of their race in regard to their of existence. They possess a keen enjoyment in the absurdities of others particularly if these absurdities are errors about themselves.
With them an interment is a momentous event, it calls up all the ceremonious pomp their means merits, it is their opportunity for expression of devotion to a loved one gone- lost in infinite space of eternity.
Queens & Kings the Gypsies have none, in this country they do not even acknowledge leaders for the old Romany characteristics are disintegrating, each family looks out for its own interests its own best advantage.
The Stanley family brought into such prominence by the pompous burial of Old Matilda is one of the largest of the American gypsies, Its immense connection caused unusual importance to be attached to the funeral of Matilda Stanley from the gathering of the great concourse of relatives.

Instead of being held as a dictator of her people, Matilda did not enjoy the fullest of respect nor esteem from most outside the Palo relationship or even from many within.
It was open talk by Gypsy fire-sides it was Alcohol that caused her demise, her immediate relationship did not stand in the highest respect with their race because of failure to pay debts.
“ It is amazingly amusing to hear talk about Gypsy Queens ”, drawled FELIX COOPER when approached on that subject, that's only chin to hoax the Gilles with, we sets no person over us, its but abit of Chaff, the Gilles they always want to know something about us wot we don't know ourselves, they askin and pryin and it serves them right to give em the hoax ”.

TILLY COOPER his sister tall angular with her shining jetty hair in curls an excellent and honest spinster of 55 took up the subject of Gypsy Queen, ! Its true she declared that never do we ave a King or Queen Nur ruler, Ow wat may ave been in long time ago gone, I know not ” Seems like I recollee my Great Gran-dad when II was but a wee of a lass and was bidden my time in the south of England tellen me of a far off day when Romany had a King and houses and said lands all like the white folks but poor old man was nigh daft before he died. “ Wot with one son sent sent across water for a job such as no Gypsy in this country would so do is and thought to do, one killin a jockin and one daughter runnin away and marryin a white Covo and a German too , she added with a sad touch of pride, no wonder the poor old man wits went a wanderin ”
She was his youngest child and comin along in his old age by his 3rd wife who died when the girl was born I can see her now and I was bit a chit when the German carried her off, I think as yes now she was the prettiest girl that side of the water or this.

Her skin was neither white nor brown, her cheeks was as pink as a hedge rose, her mouth was as red as that coal ,her hair was a bit curly and hung down below her knees, I recalls that her that evenin thou, he carried her away when the sun was going down and glintin straight and yellow, She was standin out abit from the camp and lookin down the road, she had on her finest Romany dress, fur we wore the romany gowns then, She wore her purty slippers with Silver buckles although there want no fair anywhere around.

I was wishin I could grow up and have a pair of Red stockings as Auntie Nannie wore, she was holdin up over her head with her 2 hands a great brake to shield her face from the sun. Grandad he speaks to her once or twice to come and lite the fire and she says each time in a soft voice for she was always gentle and coaxin like – Ah father its so pleasant out by the road Father..., well finally the ole man he jumped up in a terrible rage and it were mighty queer how he I thought to get angered at Nannie for he never did, Nannie he says sharp like and suddenly, come here directly, She came slowly towards him keepin her big eyes on his face, she didn't lower her hands ,but kept the great green brake over his head.
Just then way down the road I heard the Clatter of Horses hooves, Nannie heard them too, for she turned her head then although comin towards Grandad, looked in direction of the sound.
At that Grandad sprang forward and caught one of her little wrists so fierce she cried out in pain, When I tells you to come to me , he says in harsh rough Romanica , do you dare turn your head to watch for the comin of that gorgeous foll !!
Nannie pulled to get away from Grandad, then Grandad seemingly wild with his madness clenched his great fist and gave her a savage blow, She dropped right down and the colour went from her face all the men and women exceptin Grandad, Nannie and Aunt Polly, who had a 5 day old baby was away from camp, the men a fisherin or horse dickerin and the women dukkerin.

I remember I screamed and Aunt Polly came runnin out of her tent, The young German jumped like lightin down off his horse and takes Nannie up in his arms and kisses her calllin her my darlin, my sweetheart and Grandad curses him and tells him to be gone, the German swears back at him he will have the law on him for killin his Luv.
Then he picks up Nannie as if she was a baby and rides off with her and her eyes were closed and her head was restin on his chest, Grandad he fell down on the grass in a kind of Fit, We never none of us saw Nannie agin, We heard how he took her to France as soon as they were married and had her educated in a school, he going over to see her every little while, when he brung her back they did say she were Russian and how she went to court belong to best of them.
However some of her chavvies had the Romany ways in their blood for out of 5 ,2 run away and joined our people, you know my second cousin ROSE SPARROW, you know she's called the Gypsy Beauty, well she was a daughter of one of Aunt Nannie's boys. When the old man Grandad got out of the fit, he notioned he killed her and he moaned every day and cry at a time about it. Then he took to tellin tales about old ?Romany times and Gypsy Kings & Queens I know nothin about it, but I does know we ain't got no such now.

King Of Gypsies Buried
Last Stanley Tribe Ruler Died Like True Gypsy.
Boston Post January 21st.1911
Representatives of Gypsy tribes gathered from all parts of New England in West Roxbury yesterday afternoon to assist at the burial of Cornelius Cooper, successor to Richard Stanley as King of the Stanley tribe of Romany Gypsies.King Cooper died Tuesday of old age ,having reached the age of 79. He died like a true Gypsy,not in a comfortable bed and in well-heated house,but lying on the floor of his shanty,which hardly protected him from the winter's blasts.
With the pomp attending the funeral services of royalty, King Cooper was buried from the residence of his daughter at 1601 Washington Street, West Roxbury. He was laid out in state in a coffin of mahogany, lined with silk costing $500, the funeral expenses amounted to at least $1000. There were 15 carriages,all drawn by by black horses. Four black horses,elaborately draped with black crepe, drew the hearse.
As the departed King of the Gypsies lay in state yesterday afternoon, people in the surrounding district who had been acquainted with the Gypsies came to express their sympathies to his relatives. The coffin was of a dark brown mahogany . the interior was lined with silk and satin.The deceased lay in a background of black silk, excepting that there was a halo of white about his head. Three silver handles were attached to each side of the coffin. A large silver plate bore the name of the deceased. Floral tributes were there in abundance.
The Rev.Dr.Carr officiated at the funeral services. several young women sang.
at 2pm the funeral cortege bearing the remains of the departed King passed through Roxbury and then through the heart of the City, to the Cambridge cemetery, where King Cooper was to be buried beside his predecessor ,King Stanley.
In the grave was a vault constructed of brick into which the coffin was to be lowered.
King Cooper was the father-in-law of Richard Stanley, the Gypsy King, who died a year ago.The Romanies date their ancestry centuries back. Their roving life has been described in poems and songs.
Born in England:-
Richard Stanley was born in Gloucestershire England in the 1830s.
his intinerant life carried him to all Countries of Europe and finally brought him to America with a portion of the Romany tribe of Gypsies. His followers were afterward called the Stanley tribe.
thirty years ago the Stanley tribe made its permanent winter headquarters in West Roxbury. In a short time frame houses made their appearance in the mist of the picturesque Gypsy camp.
King Stanley himself began to live in a house. His wife, Queen Isabella, as she was known, was the daughter of Nicholas (Think the paper made a mistake? as it was Cornelius) Cooper who, who succeeded Stanley as head of the tribe.
King Cooper, however could not be persuaded to give up his Gypsy life.
In the open, behind the house of one of his daughters, he lived in a shanty close to the tents and wagons of the others.
With the passing away of King Cooper the Gypsies of West Roxbury may give up many of their former habits of life.
Already many of them have given up camp life and have taken shelter in houses. Queen Isabella, the wife of King Stanley and daughter of King Cooper, will continue to be the nominal head of the colony. Cornelius cooper may be put on record as the last Gypsy King of the Stanley tribe of Romanies.
    " REFIANCE "

  Wife of Richard Harrison, died May 3, 1873, aged 45 ,years.

   " JOSHUA,"

Their son, died May 1, 1873, aged 10 months. A husband and six children left to mourn their loss.

This tomb is a graceful one of marble. It fronts to the west. Above the relief (a lamb) is "mother", and below " babe." This is very tastefully adorned with plants. In 1867 Frank A. Harrison was buried, aged 11 months, born in Urbana, Ohio. Due east from the Harrison lot is the first Scotch granite tombstone erected to a gypsy, the Jeffrey monument, to Amelia and Thomas Jeffrey, who died within a few days of each other in March, 1877. The Owen-Stanley lot, south of Harrison, contains twelve graves. On the outer line, the south, are these tombstones: "E. Young, died July 17, 1873, aged fifty ,years;" east of this is a tombstone bearing on its summit a lamb in full relief, for two sisters, "racy, died October 5, 1871, aged fourteen months; Harriet, died December 25, 1865, aged sixteen months, children of Dangerfield and Richanda Stanley." Then eight graves are on the north side of this. Coming back to the west front to the north of the Young tombstone stands that of Priscilla Stanley. This stone bears a hand, painted upward on its face, "There is rest in Heaven." Priscilla, wife of Owen Stanley, died March 19, 1866, aged forty-nine years, five months and five days, born Woodbury, England. This stone bears many verses. Emanuel, son of John and Isabella Broadway, born January 20, 1852, in Somersetshire, England, died June 20, 1869, aged seventeen years and six months; buried August 29, 1869. Little Charlotte