Elizabeth New Jersey : Feb 3rd the funeral of Sadie Evans the Gypsy woman took place this afternoon from the camp of her tribe on the Boulevard between Waverly and Elizabeth.She was reported to be 106 years old.
The body of the Queen dressed in a rich robe of black lay in a handsome black cloth casket, candles burned during the night in a large candelabra at the head of the casket.The interior of the tent was draped with black cloth over which smilax was festooned. The lid of the casket bore the inscription “ Sadie Evans died January 31st 1900 aged 106.
 ON the coffin were Smilax and roses and different floral arrangements sent by members of the Evans Tribe and other tribes from from parts of the country.Notwithstanding the cold there were a large number of people in attendance many of whom had been attracted by motives of curiosity.The REV DR F B COBB conducted the services after which the Gypsy Queen's body was buried in EVERGREEN CEMETERY by the side of her husband ROBERT EVANS in 1897 :Published February 4th 1900

In a little dome shaped tent near the railway station at EL MORA NEW JERSY the body of the late ROSANNA LOVELL a Queen of the Gypsies lay in state yesterday from early afternoon until far into the night.
Three wax candles stuck a upon three crooked sticks burning at her head, cast a mellow light a upon the glistening casket and upon the white muslin draperies of the weather stained tent.
Camp fires surrounded by groups of men women and children in whispered conversation sent long lines of smoke trailing across fields and in the early twilight shoe dimly like beacons far at sea, causal visitors came and went, the horses stamped uneasily and dogs like skulking shadows prowled from tent to wagon with hungry restlessness, horse trading was stopped fortune telling ceased for a day the Queen was dead. Strictly speaking ROSANNA was not a Queen at the same time it maybe said there are no Gypsy Queens in this country although many claim the title. Rosanna never claimed to be a Queen although in point of age influence and worldly prosperity she ranked above all strolling fortune tellers in America. She was born in England about 102 years ago until 1870 she roamed over England telling fortunes in villages in the suburbs of the cities and at country fairs. In 1870 she came to America and continued the same nomadic life. Her husband WALTER LOVELL to whom she was married very many years ago accompanied her and did profitable business Horse trading with venturesome strangers. He is now about 76 years of age and is hale and hearty as though he was scarcely 50 He is BOSS of the LOVELL & SMITH band.
 Rosanna was his wife there was no Queen except in the imaginations of romantic minded people in the provinces, the Band in number of about 30 with 16 wagons came from near Oakdale Park Philadelphia about a week ago, at that time ROSANNA was taken ill , A physician who was called in said she was dying of old age. On Wednesday night she died, She will be buried today in EVERGREEN CEMETERY
Two years ago ROSANNA and her band performed in the ROMANY RYE at Booths Theatre in this city She liked the experience very much, WALTER LOVELL and others of the band own houses and lots near Elizabeth.
Published May 30th 1884

ELIZABETH NEW JERSY :Oct 18th The body of SETH LOVELL who died in west Philadelphia Monday which has lain in state in a new tent of the LOVELL tribe in a Newark Road was buried today in EVERGREEN CEMETERY .
The REV E B Cobb officiated, The coffin was covered with Floral offerings from the many members of the tribes present who came from Chicago Wrightstown N J Fall river Massachusetts Brooklyn Boston Madison Chatham N J Conshohocken Pennsylvania Providence an Philadelphia .A gypsy with uncovered head stood at each end of the coffin as a guard of honor while another gypsy stood at each flap of the tent During the ceremony no sound except an occasional wail from some of the women present.
 When the service was over the body was borne on the shoulders of gypsies to EVERGREEN CEMETERY across the field from a point where the tribe was encamped and interred. There were no wild scenes and no excitement.
The Dead gypsy was known as PRINCE SETH he being the son of KING WALTER & QUEEN ROSA who died in 1897 and were both buried in the same plot on which is erected a magnificent monument costing about $ 4.000 The deceased gypsy leaves a brother PRINCE JOSEPH who will take his place as PRINCE JOSEPH .
SETH LOVELL was a native of WALES ENGLAND he has lived in America 40 years. During the funeral ceremonies an incident occurred that caused no little interest among several of hundred people present, A farmer drove up with a lively team of horses when several of the gypsies who were sitting on the embankment ran towards him and attempted to trade horses with him, when he refused to listen to them they offered a large sum of money he farmer became frighten and at their eagerness to buy and drove away.
 IN another camp that of the HARRISONS in MADISON six miles away lay the body of young gypsy FRANK HARRISON aged 18 years old who died in All Saints hospital in Morristown on Monday, the same day as SETH LOVELL
The boy's funeral was delayed until tomorrow in respect for the death of SETH LOVELL the older gypsy and in order that all the assembled gypsies might also attend his funeral. The boys father Prince Walter spent $200 in telegraphing to different tribes in the country.
Published October 14th 1899

TOLEDO OHIO – JULY 21st Mrs Sophia Lovell 70 once known from coast to coast as Queen of the gypsies is dead in a tiny picturesque cottage here while encamped outside in tents especially placed for visiting members of her gypsy band.
The rovers began to arrive early in the week when it became known that the former Queen had olny a few days to live. She died lated yesterday.
Mrs LOVELL was born in ENGLAND in 1852 and came to America with her husband LOVELLING LOVELL many years ago. A number of sons & daughters and grandchildren together with her aged husband survive her.
Published July 22nd 1922

Plainfield NEW JERSY : April 11th In the presence of about 300 of her own race and a thousand other curious women MOTHER SIBBIE RILY Queen of the HARISON - COOPER - STANLEY tribes of Gypsies was buried this afternoon in HILLSIDE CEMETERY
MOTHER RILEY died in February last at Shrewsbury Pennsylvania and her body was brought here and placed in a vault It was her wish expressed that when she died she should be buried in HILLSIDE, It was also her wish that her husband who died 3 years ago and was buried in Auburn New York should be brought here and interred with her, this will be done later.
Ever since her death the various families of her tribe have gathered from all over the United States.
Some of the members even came from Europe, It had been for many years the custom of the Gypsies to assemble here each spring, but the interment of the Queen brought almost double the number.
POSIE HARRISON grand-daughter of the late Queen was present and took no prominent part in the simple ceremonies.
Published April 12th 1904

Elizabeth New Jersy : April 14th The funeral of ANNIE YOUNG a Gypsy Queen who died in a camp at East St Louis Tuesday will take place to -morrow at St Mary's Catholic Church. She was the daughter of JOSEPH LOVELL the rich Gypsy Chief, her body arriving here today and is lying in state at the residence of her Aunt MRS COSTELLO on Washington Avenue in a dress of a Gypsy Queen.
 All the gypsies in this section of the country attended the funeral, she will be buried in MOUNT OLIVE CEMETERY
besides her Grandmother who died here 3 years ago A fine monument has been erected by the tribe over the grave .
Published April 15th 1892 .There is another report of the day of the funeral stating on the day Chief YOUNG the husband was unable to accompany his wifes body and it was taken charge of by her father Chief JOE LOVELL.
Her Casket had a guard of honor on arrival to Elizabeth and was taken to funeral Parlour. All her jewelry was stripped from her body and its said after the funeral when gypsies break camp it will be thrown into the nearest river all her other property wagons tents etc will be burnt before they leave camp. The funeral consisted of a Hearse 4 coaches a buckboard wagon for the relatives and pall bearers only. 8 gypsies carried the heavy Metallic coffin into the church. About 150 gypsies of the LOVELL SMITH NEWALL COSTELLO where at the funeral.
CHIEF LOVELL walked behind the coffin accompanied by MRS COSTELLO the dead Queen's Aunt they had wanted Catholic mass of requiem but being Good Friday no mass could be held in the church so a simple catholic reading of committal was held over the corpse she was then buried in MOUNT OLIVE CEMETERY all the gypsies lined the streets and with bowed heads as the coffin passed by there were many spectators disappointed at the simplicity of the funeral.

Evansville Indiana : Jan 13th The Position of QUEEN of the gypsies in the UNITED STATES made vacant by the death of EMMA STANLEY which occurred near Jackson Mississippi on December 30th last has been filled by the appointment of MISS LUCY STANLEY a sister of the dead Queen who lives about 2 miles west of this city, where she owns valuable property. Miss Stanley has gone to Dayton Ohio to attend the funeral of the deceased Queen, after which there will be a ceremony the coronation of the New Queen
 Miss Stanley will remain at that place until the return of the different bands that are now in the south when a grand jubilee will take place after these ceremonies which will continue for 4 days have been brought to an end and her orders issued which will govern the action of the predatory people for a year Miss Stanley wil return to this city.
The New Queen is but 19 years old prepossessing in appearance fairly educated and is a favourite among her own people, but also all who know her, she will issue her mandates from this point but will lead the annual migration
 of her people the south next year which commences in November.
Published January 14th 1887

JACKSON Mississippi Jan 8th Ten days ago a band of gypsies composed of three families and embracing about 20 person pitched their tents in PEARL RIVER SWAMP opposite this city. Among them was a young and beautiful married woman who said to be the GYPSY QUEEN On the night of the snowstorm she became a mother giving birth to twins, one of the infants died on the day of its birth and the day before yesterday notwithstanding that she had the best medical attention to be procured in the city the mother died also Since then a weird ceremony peculiar to this wandering people has been going on in the tent where the body of the QUEEN rested. The grief of the husband as well as that of the other gypsies was most intense and it was manifested in ways novel to people unacquainted with the customs of the gypsies.
The finest casket to be in the city was purchased and the remains accompanied by a delegation of the party were this morning shipped by express to DAYTON OHIO where the ashes of all AMERICAN gypsies Queen's are said to repose. Adding to the remarkable scene at the gypsy camp was the sight of the brush and bark huts of a family of CHOCTAW INDIANS who annually winter near this city and who seemed to understand and enter fully into the feelings of the mourners
I would add myself this to be of the STANLEY GYPSIES who were always buried at WOODLAND CEMETERY OHIO
Published January 9th 1887

Special to the New York Times
HARRISONBURG Va May 27th An unusual occurrence took place today near Ottobine when the funeral of the Queen of a gypsy camp was held. Waiving the usual rites of their race, the members of the camp called in the REV J W Wine of the Dunkards, who preformed the ritual of his church.They then gathered every article she owned consisting of wagons tents clothing and Trinkets, piled them in a heap and ignited them . Her horse a fine Arabian animal said by the gypsies to be imported had been chloroformed and was burnt with the effects.
The Dead Queen maiden name was STANLEY and she married a man named KEILY both are said to stand high among their people in this country. The gypsies state that she has a married daughter living in Rochester NEW YORK who is prominent in that city.
Published May 21st 1910

DAYTON OHIO April 15th GANNIE JEFFERS Queen of the Gypsies in the United States died at GREENFIELD TENN on March 10th and was buried here today. Gypsies are encamped about to the number of 1,500 traveling by wagon from all points of the country. The Queen was embalmed and laid out in NASVILLE TENN. Immediately upon her death and was brought to this city fro interment in WOODLAND CEMETERY, where al the King & Queens of the gypsies are buried. The dead Queen reposed in a handsome Casket made of the finest wood, lined with the finest silks and satins and mounted with gold and jewels. The plot belongeing to the gypsies is marked by a fine monument of granite shipped here from Greece. The funeral procession which composed entirely of Gypsies formed in the northern section of the city and marched to the southern extremity, where the Cemetery is situated. At the grave ropes were stretched around it , leaving an enclosure large enough for mourners to stand in . The crowds were very large and surged up against the rope. Boys and men sat on tombstones and filled trees and every place that could afford an opportunity of seeing what was going on. The funeral services were conducted by one of the leading PASTORS of the city. The grave was sunk about 10 feet. At the bottom was a box made of stone slabs and in this box the coffin was laid be side the deceased daughter. There were stifled sobs as the mourners marched about the grave and several broke out in loud cries as the coffin was lowered. At the conclusion of the clergyman's remarks the choir belonging to the officiating clergyman's church sang the SWEET BYE AND BYE and the services closed. The most affecting scene was when the great stone was about to be lifted by means of a derrick close at hand The sons and daughters of the Queen climbed down to the stone box to take their last farewells Their sobs and cries filled the air and were echoed by the mourners that stood on the brink of the grave. The sons and daughters threw themselves prostrate on the coffins and kissing the hard wood and it was only with great prevailing the stone lid was then put into position and the dirt thrown upon it. A monument will be erected over the grave.Published April 16th 1884

Patience Penfold The little gypsy Princess Who died suddenly in her mother's arms Wednesday afternoon was buried in the Preshyterian Cemetery at West Farms yesterday The funeral services were held at the camp at 1 o'clock in the presence of the whole tribe. The simple ritual of the protestant Episcopal Church was read over by the Rev Benjamin H Burch rector of St Stephen's Church King's bridge.
It was an usual sight, the white vestments of the clergyman in the midst of the quaint gypsy camp. The body lay in a tiny white casket in the little tent where it had been since death. On the coffin were two wreaths and a large cluster of daisies and goldenrod gathered from the fields nearby. A group of curious spectators stood nearby in fields and many joined in the responses.
The rites of the gypsies had been commenced Thursday night, but were suspended yesterday until after the Episcopal service. At the conclusion of the ceremony the band one by one filed past the coffin and looked at the face of the little Princess for the last time. The mother and father gave way to violent grief and at times cried aloud in the gypsy tongue.
Finally the undertaker closed the coffin lid, the parents were led gently away and the coffin was placed in a coach and driven to the cemetery.
The band did not go only the parents the Grandmother ELIZABETH SMITH and her 2 nieces one of whom wore a heavy silver necklace the insignia of her rank as the wife of the head of the tribe of WILLIS. The grave was dug in the shadow of the old vault of the Bathgate family in the centre of the ancient little churchyard. The gypsy camp last night was the scene of the strange ceremonial which closed the period of mourning. The fires were kept burning and the tribe led by the QUEEN sang their wild chants to the dead PRINCESS and when that was done the parents broke their long fast. Published September 14th 1895

  Special thanks for Sandy Buckland for these extractions .