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  Buckland : Marriages

James buckland M Amelia Lee 1851 Exeter
Ann Buckland M James Harris 1864 Taunton
Nelson Buckland M Betsey Smith 1874 Plymouth
Jenty Buckland M William Penfold 1887 Plymouth
Sophy Buckland M James Penfold 1887 Plymouth
Moses Buckland M Genty Stanley 1891 Tavistock
Henry Buckland M Harriet Penfold 1896 Plympton Devon
Eliza Buckland M Nelson James 1899 Liskeard
Alfred John Buckland M Emily Faith Smith 1901 Plymouth
Pheobe Buckland M Alfred Jago 1901 Tavistock
Thomas Buckland M Lilly Jeffery 1901 Tavistock
Arthur Buckland M Elizabeth Bebe 1903 Taunton
Jane Buckland M Fred Stone 1903 Taunton
Ann Buckland M William Cooper 1904 Kingsbridge
Carrie Buckland M Henry Cooper 1905 St Austell
Jim Buckland M Pheobe Stanley 1908 Totnes
Jenty Buckland M Fredrick Searle 1909 Kingsbridge
Mose Buckland M Jenny Stanley 1910 Kingsbridge
Leanor Buckland M Thomas westlake 1910 Liskeard

1881 Census, RG11-2217-137-55 Tavistock, Devon.
Tenant Buckland 63 Bristol Somerset Head Hawker
Kesiah Buckland 61 Bath Somerset Wife Hawker
Edith Smith 2 Bristol Somerset Daughter Hawker
Wisdom Smith 33 Bristol Somerset Son in Law Hawker
Nelson Buckland 23 America Son in Law Hawker
Betsey Buckland 38 Bristol Somerset Daughter Hawker
Henry Buckland 17 Truro Cornwall Son Hawker
Plato Buckland 15 Plymouth Devon Son Hawker
Moses Buckland 14 Dartmouth Devon Son Hawker
Esther Buckland 13 Kingsbridge Devon Daughter Hawker
Betsey Buckland 16 Truro Cornwall Daughter
Eliza Buckland 6 Plymouth Cornwall Granddaughter
Anne Buckland 18 Bodmin Cornwall Granddaughter
Sophy Smith1 Birmingham Granddaughter
Nelson Smith 3 Weeks Callington Cornwall Grandson
In Caravans Pethericks Ground Bannerock St."
1881 Census, RG11-2186-56-1 Yealmpton,
Plato Buckland 40 head NK, Oxfordshire Horse dealer
Betsy Buckland 38 NK, Devon Wife
Genty Buckland 17 NK, Cornwall Daughter Brush Hawker
Joshua Buckland 15 NK, Cornwall Son Brush Hawker
Sophia Buckland 13 NK, Devon Daughter Brush Hawker
Keziah Buckland 11 NK, Somerset Daughter
Tryphena Buckland 9 NK, Warwickshire Daughter
Caroline Buckland 7 NK, Cornwall Daughter
Eliza Buckland 4 Devon Daughter
Selina Buckland 2 Mnths Yealmpton, Devon Daughter

1891 Census, RG12-1807-32-10 St Germans, Cornwall.
Thennant Buckland 41 Oxfordshire Head Trav/Hawker (Gipsy)
Kezia Buckland 36 DevonshireWife
Edif Buckland 28 Bristol Daughter
Nelson Buckland 30 St Austel, Cornwall Son
Thomas Buckland 26 United States Son Hawker
Henry Buckland 23 Bodmin, Cornwall Son
Betsy Buckland 21 Newquay, Cornwall Daughter
Esther Buckland 18 Dartmouth, Devon Daughter
Moses Buckland 16 Torquay, Devon Son Hawker
Treskelly Bridge in Caravans."
1901 Census, RG13-2189-87-34 St Stephens, Cornwall,.
Nalson Buckland 46 N. K. Head Horse Dealer
Bessie Buckland 50 N. K. Wife
Ayne Buckland 22 Holsworthy Devon Daughter
Jane Buckland 19 Plympton, Devon Daughter
Edith Buckland 17 Liskeard, Cornwall Daughter
Jamie Buckland 14 United States Son
Moses Buckland 12 United StatesSon
Willie Buckland 7 Yealmpton Devon Son
Caravan & Tent, Village Green."

 Not very good quality but still its good to have something! from the New York Times 16th July 1899 "Plato Bucklands camp" Pictured below
Copyright New York Times

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